Fiction 2009 / Issues / Spring 2009 / Volume 39

Four Daily Do’s — Richard Lee Zuras

It starts like this: a man, thirty-two, a woman, thirty-one. Youngest kids in their families. Three of their four parents alive. His father recently dead. A slow, quiet hospital coma. Then: a long, hot cross-country trip in a Jeep with no air-conditioning. Conception in her parent’s house. Everyone’s first grandchild. Newspapers, journals and magazines will … Continue reading

Fall 2009 / Issues / Poetry 2009 / Volume 40

Fleda Brown Removes “the parade” From Her Poem — C B Follett

no fife, no drumbs, no merry piccolo, no crepe paper wound thru bike wheels, no anal drum majorettes, no lemonade in a silvery thermos with flaky green torso, no glittering trombones, no yappy dogs, no nasty smelling snake bombs, no pinwheels of spinning stars, no cap pistols with the delicious scent of cordite, no lady … Continue reading