Fiction 2016 / Spring 2016 / Uncategorized / Volume 46

Get Away—K R Rosman

It was one of those spring evenings that wouldn’t give up being cold. The rain hit so hard it bounced off the ground as if the mud wouldn’t have anything more to do with it. But Richard Franke’s good daughter, Eve, was outside, rain pants and jacket bright against the darkening sky and darker firs, … Continue reading

Fiction 2016 / flash fiction / Spring 2016 / Uncategorized / Volume 46

Grapes—Claire Tollefsrud

The couple wanted children almost as badly as they wanted each other—their wedding bands were still shiny and unfamiliar on their fingers—so they made love almost every night in their new house. The rooms were mostly empty; the kitchen counter was white and cold. Then came the fruit bowl. The wife loved peaches, the husband … Continue reading