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Review: “Spoken Portrait” by Uriel Quesada

At first, it became obvious why “Spoken Portrait” by Uriel Quesada was picked for the Iowa Review because of the author’s ability to relate to the readers. At the bare surface that’s all the seems. However, the story goes deeper with the reader. This is a story about a writer in a coffee shop and she … Continue reading

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Review of Ellie Kemper’s “How Aleksandr Knew What He Knew, and How I Knew That He Knew”

Fiction Is A Fun-House By: Christa Angelios, Coe College sophomore More often than not, the stories that perk my ears are the ones that defy all expectations – not in a completely random way, but in a way that makes sense to the story and reveals, in its juxtaposition, some universal truth. Okay, so maybe … Continue reading