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W. Kamau Bell’s “Ending Racism in About an Hour”

Kamau Bell at once proved that his show was not going to be your normal comedy routine.  With a clicker and projector and screen, I was prepared for a lecture.  And it was in the sense that I learned something and it wasn’t in the sense that he ever made me feel inferior.  Opening the … Continue reading

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Graphic Novels

There is a tendency within the literary world to consider graphic novels as “lesser” compared to other more classic mediums. Many professors will argue against the use of graphic novels within classroom settings because there is a standing stigma that graphic novels aren’t as academic as “normal” novels. As more and more graphic novels crop … Continue reading

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10 Writing COEmmandments

(Inspired by “Ten Duel Commandments” from Hamilton) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine! It’s the ten writing COEmmandments! It’s the ten writing COEmmandments! Number one! The challenge: demand for no distraction if your friends don’t oblige have ‘em sanctioned Number two! Put away your phone right this second ‘Cause we don’t want … Continue reading