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(Almost) Best in the World—Alex Andrew Hughes

His old arms fight to hold three six-packs of cheap beer, waiting to pay behind me. He’s pinned them to his gut, bent his knees, and absorbs the ice-cold blows in silence.   With one ear I hear as I walk toward the door, “I was the number 5 heavy-weight boxer in the world!” and … Continue reading

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Connected in Some Fragmented Way — Laura Coe Moore

No satined-ceiling basement room for me. Let my flesh be cleanly burned away, my bones returned to dust and ash. Swept from the retort, ground fine, shards of bone released from recognition.   My artificial joints mourn magnetic removal. After all, they stepped in when movement was too painful for my body to bear. Though … Continue reading

Poetry Volume 44, Issue One is now online!
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Poetry Volume 44, Issue One is now online!

Happy 2014! As managing editor, I’m proud to announce that today, starting at 12 PM (Central Time Zone), the Coe Review’s newest poetry issue will go online! Throughout the hour, the poems will be individually published on our blog, and you can find links to every poem on our Current Issue page. This year, we’ve also included … Continue reading