Fall 2017 / Poetry 2017 / Volume 48

Freiheit! Freiheit!–Michael Estabrook

Long lines at Copenhagen Airport a stocky, older gentleman with a graying crew-cut and sandals suddenly begins screaming in German, “Freiheit! Freiheit!” waving his passport around over his head.   It takes a minute or two until he is surrounded by airport security guys in their tall boots and yellow flak jackets. They’re confused, talking … Continue reading

Fall 2017 / Poetry 2017 / Volume 48

The Demise and the Resurrection of the Diving Lady–Virginia Chase Sutton

At sundown, atop a 78-foot platform, the neon Diving Lady jackknifes, blinks, stretches to her full ten feet, blinks, then slides into baby blue ripples. It is a dive she completes every six-and-a-half minutes, amassing a total of sixty-four million leaps until a violent storm rips her from the Starlite Motel’s flashing sign. It sends … Continue reading

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Them Loud-Ass Colored Silences: Electrosync and Poetic Beats

Douglas Kearney is either a madman or a genius, honestly. Douglas Kearney, an out-of-the-box poem master from California, came to perform recently at Coe College for an opening of his latest collaborative show, Them Loud-Ass Colored Silences, produced along with an electronic music artist from Haiti, Val Jeanty. Sitting (standing) in the back of the … Continue reading