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A Literary Podcast: A Review of “Myths and Legends” by Jason Weiser

The world of podcasts is becoming increasingly trendier and I definitely joined the movement. One of my favorite podcasts is called “Myths and Legends,” and it’s written, hosted, edited, and produced by a married duo named, respectively, Jason and Carissa Weiser. Jason has covered a variety of multicultural myths that don’t just start with the … Continue reading

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An Analysis of Jackie Sibblies Drury’s “Really”

Jackie Sibblies Drury’s Really is far more an exercise in playwriting form than in structure. The relatively sparse script focuses less on storytelling than it does demonstrating the camera’s focal point throughout the play, in its own way tying the story together. The characters of Mother and Girlfriend serve to explain Calvin who, presumably, has … Continue reading

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A Review of Previously Blue

Previously Blue is a story about catastrophes and how they can inspire others to hope and help people in need. Previously Blue was produced by Dijana Milosevic and Nesa Paripovic. It was performed by Dah Theatre’s Maja Vujovic, 7 Stages’ Del Hamilton and Faye Allen, and Café Antarsia Ensemble’s Nikos Brisco. The performance took place in Dows Theatre … Continue reading

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Review of Ellie Kemper’s “How Aleksandr Knew What He Knew, and How I Knew That He Knew”

Fiction Is A Fun-House By: Christa Angelios, Coe College sophomore More often than not, the stories that perk my ears are the ones that defy all expectations – not in a completely random way, but in a way that makes sense to the story and reveals, in its juxtaposition, some universal truth. Okay, so maybe … Continue reading