Fiction 2016 / Spring 2016 / Uncategorized / Volume 46

Get Away—K R Rosman

It was one of those spring evenings that wouldn’t give up being cold. The rain hit so hard it bounced off the ground as if the mud wouldn’t have anything more to do with it. But Richard Franke’s good daughter, Eve, was outside, rain pants and jacket bright against the darkening sky and darker firs, … Continue reading

Fiction 2016 / Issues / Spring 2016 / Uncategorized / Volume 46

Condolences—Robin Vigfusson

  Marian Lundgren scanned the obituaries on her laptop in the living room while drinking one of her husband’s malbecs. This wine was called The Waxed Bat and it gleamed in the glass like black onyx. For one hazy instant, she understood why people became connoisseurs.   It might be for the same reason others collected … Continue reading

Fiction 2016 / Issues / Spring 2016 / Uncategorized / Volume 46

Neighbors, at One Time or Another—Steve Meador

Rednecks Over the phone a monotone rasp crawled from her tar-coated vocal chords and was delivered like a swarm of chiggers against my eardrum. She told me that all the jewelry she had talked about the previous day was locked in the trunk of the Pontiac. Real stuff, worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Her … Continue reading

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Connected in Some Fragmented Way — Laura Coe Moore

No satined-ceiling basement room for me. Let my flesh be cleanly burned away, my bones returned to dust and ash. Swept from the retort, ground fine, shards of bone released from recognition.   My artificial joints mourn magnetic removal. After all, they stepped in when movement was too painful for my body to bear. Though … Continue reading