Fiction 2013 / Volume 43

The Art of Apology — Ron McFarland

Approximately three years after celebrating his second marriage, his first having gone, as he liked to say, “the way of all flesh,” even though he had not (not yet) read that novel by Samuel Butler published in 1903, Professor T. Roland Wibbles realized he was apologizing to Katherine Lance (she balked at taking his name … Continue reading

Fiction 2013 / flash fiction / Volume 43

Young Man Pallbearer — Peter Madsen

“I’m taking my mother and my sisters to the Opera and that new Persian restaurant downtown for Aunty Amelia’s birthday tomorrow.” My mother tells me at the dinner table. “Well, aren’t you going to invite the guest of honor?” “Honey.” A pause. “She died last year. You carried the casket. Remember?” “This’ll be your toughest … Continue reading