Poetry 2018
Hallie Eickhoff and Sarah Reilly, co-managing editors
Kristjan Nixon and Kailey Blunk, co-poetry editors
Alizé McClure and Nghia Luong, cocommunication editors
Ariel Crego, technical editor
Chris Arias, production editor
Dana Denise Dela Fuente, business manager
Nicholas Twemlow, faculty advisor

Fiction 2019
Hallie Eickhoff and Sarah Reilly, co-managing editors
Kailey Blunk, assistant managing editor
Kristjan Nixon and Milo Schmitt, fiction editors
Taylor Nosekabel, assistant fiction editor
Sarah Stocking, communications editor
Taylor Bruno and Ariel Crego, co-technical editors
Chris Arias, production editor
Taylor Nosekabel, blog editor
Hallie Eickhoff, business manager
Nicholas Twemlow, faculty advisor

Editor Bios (Fall 2018)

Chris Arias, a first-year student from Aurora, Colorado is described by some as “half-Golden Retriever, half-barnacle,” and by others as being like a capybara attracting small animals because of her ability to attract people. Her life philosophy stems from the enlightening 2016 Safe Auto commercial: “if you give a man a fish, you have one less fish.”

Kailey Blunk is a first-year majoring in communications and creative writing with a double minor in French and gender studies. She’s a very sarcastic and opinionated person who needs to learn how to write a better bio.

Ariel Crego is currently completing degrees in both physics and creative writing at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, and will be graduating next year and evolving to be a technical writer.  When she’s not holed up in the physics lab or working on her manuscript, she enjoys taking her lizard Glaedr out for some sunshine.

Dana Denise Dela Fuente is a business administration and economics major in the class of 2020. During her free time, Dana likes to practice whistling.

Hallie Eickhoff is a junior who, in between trying new potato recipes and playing solitaire, studies communications and public relations with a minor in creative writing. She’s currently split between going to graduate school or taking a nice nap.

Alizé McClure is a senior at Coe College currently completing her degree in creative writing and English. These days she’s no longer worried about her head wear as much as she worries about the existential question a man once asked her in Wal-Mart: Are you alive?

Kristjan Nixon is a junior majoring in psychology and creative writing with minors in theatre and sleep deprivation. His interests include whimsy, staring at ceiling fans, and finding an elusive purpose.

Taylor Nosekabel is a freshman majoring in English and creative writing with a minor in anthropology. She loves Harry Potter (proud Hufflepuff!), Hamilton, and The Office.

Sarah J. Reilly is a sophomore studying English and creative writing. When she’s not studying, she’s probably procrastinating, playing ultimate, reading, or sleeping.

Milo Schmitt is a sophomore majoring in political science and creative writing with a minor in Japanese. Milo’s most known for writing or studying until 2 a.m just for fun and playing way too many video games (if there even is such a thing).



2 thoughts on “Masthead

  1. Hi folks,
    I know you are closed to poetry submissions right now, but you weren’t last July when I sent you some poems. I haven’t heard a peep in the last six months, so I’m wodinering what might be going on.
    Just cleaning up records to start the year.
    Mark J. Mitchell

    • Apologies for the late response, but we have marked that your submission wasn’t quite what we were looking for at that time. Our window this year for poetry submissions is still open until October 25th if you’d like to resubmit, however!
      We look forward to hopefully reading some of your work!
      Coe Review Editors

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