2016-2017 Masthead

Christiana Carroll & Marissa Bouska, co-managing editors
Anton Jones, business manager

Jenna Kelly and Skylor Andrews, poetry editor
Katie Rejsek, communications editor
Karen Clemente, technical editor
Michael Crecco, production editor
Sharon Levy, blog editor

Emma Bozenda, Ariel Crego, Hallie Eickhoff, Xenia Greniuk, Andrew Gunsch, Erica Katz, Kendra Lueck, & Aliza McClure, manuscript readers

Gordon Mennenga, faculty advisor 


2 thoughts on “Masthead

  1. Hi folks,
    I know you are closed to poetry submissions right now, but you weren’t last July when I sent you some poems. I haven’t heard a peep in the last six months, so I’m wodinering what might be going on.
    Just cleaning up records to start the year.
    Mark J. Mitchell

    • Apologies for the late response, but we have marked that your submission wasn’t quite what we were looking for at that time. Our window this year for poetry submissions is still open until October 25th if you’d like to resubmit, however!
      We look forward to hopefully reading some of your work!
      Coe Review Editors

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