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Cava—Alexander Curren Stinton

So what is the antithesis of strawberry is not strawberry? I’m inclined to say it’s ash,   if only to impress upon you the more practical theory of how a thing is often gotten at   in getting at what it’s not. How you encouraged these bubbles to fettle my nose reciting   the méthode … Continue reading

Fiction 2015 / Issues / Spring 2015 / Volume 45

Junkscape — Mark Antony Rossi

City nights are nearly lightless as the rural outback where only stars remind strangers they are alone. Here the landscape is actually a junkscape spilling with structures, obstacles, creatures and every kind of preying beast reared by neglect and nice folk. A zip code for zillionaires careful to keep the suburbs clean. Their wives at … Continue reading

Fiction 2015 / Issues / Spring 2015 / Volume 45

The Language of Blood — Zan Bockes

If she were back in Wisconsin, Lisa reflected, this November Friday evening would be spent curled under her grandmother’s afghan on the couch with a current bestseller, listening to the wind spitting snowflakes against the window.  But here on Guam, every twilight was the same–thick and heavy with humidity, an endless summer that Lisa would … Continue reading

Fiction 2015 / Issues / Spring 2015 / Volume 45

A Killer Soy Milkshake — Thomas Petrino

Veganism is a feminist issue. At least that’s what Isobel told her colleagues. She had come across several scholarly articles that argued there was an intrinsic connection between veganism and the feminist agenda. These pieces, invariably authored by women with hyphenated names, always had provocative titles. The most recent essay she had read was entitled, … Continue reading