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Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

The Wolves by: Sarah Delappe- Review by: Sarah Stocking

The Wolves by Sarah Delappe is a contemporary play about a girl’s soccer team. Delappe focuses in on the girls themselves, giving adults very few lines and rarely showing the teammates off the field. Off field pressures and issues are still very relevant though, as the girls discuss everything from foreign politics to a teammates … Continue reading

Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

Self-Indulged- By: Simon Walker

Call me           .                      Never mind how little or no money in my purse, To       me                  , I thought I would see the                       world.              A way I have of regulating the circulation        I find myself growing in my soul; whenever I find coffin warehouses, and                                  every … Continue reading

Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

Short Analysis of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd- By: Alyssa Jack

Plot summary: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd starts with not the murder of Mr. Ackroyd, but his secret love, Mrs. Ferrars. Mrs. Ferrars was rumored by Dr. Sheppard’s sister, Caroline and others to have poisoned her late husband, Ashley Ferrars. As the story unfolds Mrs. Ferrars death uncovers the truth that she did in fact … Continue reading