Blog Post / Spring 2020

A to Z This is the Life of Me By: Alyssa Jack

Austin was the first to accompany me.

Baby brother back when I was barely three

Couldn’t wait for him to meet me.


Doug, a great father and I, called his favorite daughter

Erika, a stepmother and friend who I’ve always cherished and felt so much love

Forever holding on even though sometimes I felt like I didn’t belong.

Gathering wherever always makes my day better.

Home isn’t just a physical place but comes from within the heart


I like those days where I’m not falling apart

Just breathe, is what dad would call out to me as I cried myself to sleep

Keep calm and everything will fall into place

Love with all you have even if it’s without those things you wish you always had


Mom, always there in need of comfort

Never completely out of my reach


Oh, the places I could go,

People I could meet,

Quiet is sometimes my biggest defeat


Running in circles is a constant notion

Strength I have can make me stronger

Treasuring every time I make it longer


Under appreciated with so many feelings as they continue to wash over

Very ready to let it all cave so I can stop feeling like a dragging boulder

Waiting for those nights where I no longer sit there and ponder


‘Xactly where I need to be

Young, dumb, courageous, but –

Zealous, is what I’ll always be.

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