Current Issue

Fall 2015: Poetry, Volume 47, Number 1
Cover Image, “Variations of Reflection,” by Rachel Riemenschneiderunnamed-1


  • Gentlemen’s Club Garden-Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
  • Haunted House Attractions-Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
  • Intelligent Design-Kelsey Gutierrez
  • Your Loneliness It Does Not Become You-John Thornburg
  • Signals/Bottles-John Thornburg
  • Two Weeks in Bangkok-M. Sioned Curoe
  • 1998, Twilight-David Tuvell
  • Binding the Strongman-David Tuvell
  • For Myself-Katie Rejsek
  • Madalena Castillo at the Ferria de Sevilla-Toby Alfier
  • One Bedroom Studio-Toby Alfier
  • The Letter Z Marries a Stratocaster-Alan Britt
  • Anvil Chest-Skylor Andrews
  • When Financial Meltdown Strikes Again, What Will Jamie Dimon Do?-Paul Lubenkov
  • Home of the Brave-Paul Lubenkov
  • Bremer County Cemetary-Joyce Janca-Aji
  • CASA de la LUZ-Krikor Der Hohannesian
  • Lowness-Krikor Der Hohannesian
  • Free For All-Dustin Brown
  • Glimpses of Fleeting Insanity-Dustin Brown
  • Replacements: Christmas Present, Christmas Past-Tony Tracy
  • Sestina for Solomon Grundy-Stephen Cloud
  • Exhibitions: Early Maps of the Americas-Stephen Cloud
  • Loose Sting-E. Krisitin Anderson
  • Harvests-Jeffrey Alfier
  • The Wreck of the Leviathan-Jeff Bernstein
  • Rush of the Water, Pull of Time-Wiliam Snyder
  • Treatise-Cindy King
  • Summer’s End-Cindy King
  • Our Dog Turns Thirteen-Jacob M. Appel
  • He was everything to me, for a brief blazing time in my life-Nick Twemlow
  • Serenade-Ekweremadu Uchenna
  • I Forget-Ann Struthers
  • Stop Thinking about It and Eat Some More Damn Churros: An Ode to the Imagist-Anton Jones
  • The Express-Anton Jones
  • For Lydia on Bastille Day-Daniel Fitzpatrick
  • The Violence of Memory-Daniel Fitzpatrick
  • Omen-Chet Corey
  • 1976-Jonathan Andersen
  • Bailiwick-Jonathan Andersen
  • Text to the Centurion Whose Boot Is on My Throat

From the Coe Review Archive:

  • Changes-Ed Gorman
  • The Modifier-Diane Glancy
  • Elegies-Sherman Alexie

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