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Above All, Be Involved

Upon my arrival at Coe College, creative writing never took the academic spotlight. I simply assumed that it would become something to keep my mind buoyant during my introductory science days, sloshing through snowdrifts of material before I finally reached those courses that piqued my interest. I was completely unaware of our magazine or how … Continue reading

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Text to the Centurion Whose Boot Is on My Throat–Nick Conrad

Please re-read your taser’s manual, since I am sure you did not intend for me to be nearly paralyzed. While it is an honor for me to have licked the sole of your boot, I regret my teeth were unable to remove the gum from your left heel. I know my current lack of response … Continue reading

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The Violence of Memory–Daniel Fitzpatrick

on Nunscape, by Leonora Carrington Feathered devildactyl mothers its big blue egg. Give me a big blue omelet, breakfast full of food coloring, the kind kids like that mortifies the mother tongue. A pteratopped column plants one painted corner while the sea scene flirts with fluttering off on the gale-grey jubilant swell, like a washed … Continue reading

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Stop Thinking about It and Eat Some More Damn Churros: An Ode to the Imagist–Anton Jones

If you look at poems of those initially written in cuneiform, you will only find poems of the extremely important. If you’re not divine or a king (hell, might as well be both), then you probably didn’t receive an honorable mention. And I don’t think it was because the concept of the individual wasn’t yet … Continue reading

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Rush of Water, Pull of Time–William Snyder

Fishing in Spring, the Pont De Clichy (Asnières) Vincent Van Gogh Spring, 1887 We’ve not come to fish, though we may buy some—perch, bullhead—caught among the reeds and lilies where the water is still, the grasses near the bank. Fishermen here fish for themselves, but most would be glad to sell. From their wide, green … Continue reading