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“Country of Daughters” Review by Shrena

Leaving Mother Lake reveals popular Chinese singer, Yang Erche Namu’s, rural upbringing in the “Country of Daughters”. The memoir shares her childhood as a part of an anthropologically unique ethnic group called Mosou in the foothills of the China-Tibet border. As a matrilineal society, the Mosou people have unique family dynamics. The families tend to … Continue reading


Movie Review of “The Babadook” by Shrena

Jennifer Kent’s 2014 horror film, The Babadook, follows the story of a struggling widow and her psychologically-troubled child. A mysterious top-hatted creature disrupts their lives after reading an eerie pop-up book. The Babadook’s appearance is classic- his cloak is reminiscent of Dracula. The film plays with the element of loss of control. It is difficult … Continue reading