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Welcome to our archive. Please read and enjoy our previous published pieces.

If you wish to purchase a back copy of one of our issues, no matter how old, email and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Though we don’t have copies of every issue since 1971 left, we do have many leftover copies, especially of more recent issues that we would be more than happy to part with.

Fall 2018: Spring, Volume 49, Number 1
Cover Image, “Owls,” by Ellora Bultemacoe review fall 2018



Spring 2018: Fiction, Volume 48, Number 2
Cover Image, “The Raven,” by Sharon Levyspring 2018


Fall 2017: Poetry, Volume 48, Number 1
Cover Image, “And We Met in Bisti,” by Sky Katz




Spring 2017: Fiction, Volume 47, Number 2cover2-page-001
Cover Image, “Facing the Stars,” by Shannon Kramer


Fall 2016: Poetry, Volume 47, Number 1
Cover Image, “Variations of Reflection,” by Rachel Riemenschneiderunnamed-1


  • Gentlemen’s Club Garden-Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
  • Haunted House Attractions-Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
  • Intelligent Design-Kelsey Gutierrez
  • Your Loneliness It Does Not Become You-John Thornburg
  • Signals/Bottles-John Thornburg
  • Two Weeks in Bangkok-M. Sioned Curoe
  • 1998, Twilight-David Tuvell
  • Binding the Strongman-David Tuvell
  • For Myself-Katie Rejsek
  • Madalena Castillo at the Ferria de Sevilla-Toby Alfier
  • One Bedroom Studio-Toby Alfier
  • The Letter Z Marries a Stratocaster-Alan Britt
  • Anvil Chest-Skylor Andrews
  • When Financial Meltdown Strikes Again, What Will Jamie Dimon Do?-Paul Lubenkov
  • Home of the Brave-Paul Lubenkov
  • Bremer County Cemetary-Joyce Janca-Aji
  • CASA de la LUZ-Krikor Der Hohannesian
  • Lowness-Krikor Der Hohannesian
  • Free For All-Dustin Brown
  • Glimpses of Fleeting Insanity-Dustin Brown
  • Replacements: Christmas Present, Christmas Past-Tony Tracy
  • Sestina for Solomon Grundy-Stephen Cloud
  • Exhibitions: Early Maps of the Americas-Stephen Cloud
  • Loose Sting-E. Krisitin Anderson
  • Harvests-Jeffrey Alfier
  • The Wreck of the Leviathan-Jeff Bernstein
  • Rush of the Water, Pull of Time-Wiliam Snyder
  • Treatise-Cindy King
  • Summer’s End-Cindy King
  • Our Dog Turns Thirteen-Jacob M. Appel
  • He was everything to me, for a brief blazing time in my life-Nick Twemlow
  • Serenade-Ekweremadu Uchenna
  • I Forget-Ann Struthers
  • Stop Thinking about It and Eat Some More Damn Churros: An Ode to the Imagist-Anton Jones
  • The Express-Anton Jones
  • For Lydia on Bastille Day-Daniel Fitzpatrick
  • The Violence of Memory-Daniel Fitzpatrick
  • Omen-Chet Corey
  • 1976-Jonathan Andersen
  • Bailiwick-Jonathan Andersen
  • Text to the Centurion Whose Boot Is on My Throat

From the Coe Review Archive:

  • Changes-Ed Gorman
  • The Modifier-Diane Glancy
  • Elegies-Sherman Alexie

Spring 2016: Fiction, Volume 46, Number 2
Cover Image, “Hopeful,” by Nathan Kiblercoe-review-cover-final



Spring 2015: Fiction, Volume 45, Number 2
Cover Image, “Buoyant Parade,” by Anna Carpenter


Fall 2015: Poetry, Volume 46, Number 1
Cover Image, “Hidden,” by Nina WilsonCoe Review Fall 2015 Cover-page-001 (2)


Spring 2014: Fiction, Volume 44, Issue 2 (Click for full PDF version)
Cover image, “Transcendence,” by Savannah Dearhammer
2014 Spring Cover


Fall 2014: Poetry, Volume 45, Number 1 (click for full PDF version)
Cover image, “Never Forgotten,” by Caitlin McKendry

Poems:2014 Fall Cover

Spring 2013: Fiction, Volume 43, Issue 2
Cover image, “Lock and Key,” by Anna Heglandcoe_review_1


Fall 2013: Poetry, Volume 44, Issue 1 (Click for full PDF version)
Cover image, “Human Prism,” by Anna Carpenter

CR cover fall 2013


Spring 2012: Fiction, Volume 42, Issue 2
Cover image, “Smoggles,” by Krysta Sackettpaintingagain1


Fall 2012: Poetry, Volume 43, Issue 1
Cover image “C’est La Vie,” by Alison Charles


Spring 2011: Fiction, Volume 41, Issue 2  (Click for full PDF version)2011 Spring Cover
Cover image “Hmm,” by Samantha Jacobo

The full, online PDF version of this issue.


Fall 2011: Poetry, Volume 42, Issue 1 (Click for full PDF version)
Cover Image, “Red,” by Ellen Burns

2011 Fall CoverThe full, online PDF version of this issue.


Spring 2010: Fiction, Volume 40, Issue 2 (Click for full PDF version)                                                                                         Cover image, “Untitled” by Sarah Chobanian



Fall 2010: Poetry, Volume 41, Issue 1 (Click for full PDF version)
Cover image, “Fields of Perspective,” by Erin BrandtPoetry-2010-large


Spring 2009: Fiction, Volume 39, Number 2                                                                                                                                           Cover Image, “blues” by Katie Hohmann


  • Four Daily Do’s — Richard Lee Zuras
  • Dog Catcher Day: 1982 — Nick Bertelson
  • The End of Stick Man and Hat Head: The Comic Drawn Almost Daily During Mr. Ryan’s Sixth Grade Science Class Period 4 — Shellie Zacharia
  • Into the River — Molly Maslin Arbogast
  • Frogs, Strings, Bangs, and Things — Emily Hipps
  • LILY — Mary Rudy
  • Tenderness — Kestrel Slocombe
  • She Said I Crossed Her Boundaries — Robert M. Zoschke
  • JIM — Todd Easton Mills
  • A Note to the New Homemakers — Shane Alan Noecker
  • Descant — Mary Ann O’Gorman
  • Spoons — Taylor Eagan


Fall 2009: Poetry, Volume 40, Issue 1 (Click for full PDF version)                                                                                             Cover Image, “Rooster, a Self Portrait” by Elizabeth Gaffney



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