Ode to Video Games–Eric Katz

The bearer of the burning flame of destiny,

Challenger to trial and gauntlet.


Seeking the means to attain ascendancy,

Conqueror of the vile, and forever undaunted.


Defiler of prophecy, usurper of fate,

An unapologetic villain, striving for power.


Unseen hand, decrees its own mandate,

Malicious soul residing within a dark tower.


I wage wars in the name of justice,

A paladin, a warrior, a guardian to the weak.


Battling hoards with no moral compass,

The stalwart shield sent to protect the meek.


I spread destruction for the sake of chaos,

A pariah, a wraith, a gravewalker, seeding fears


In the hearts of men. Sacrament, seance,

Rituals of damnation whispering in ears.


I am all of these things. Hero and antagonist,

When I shed my earthly skin, both pharaoh and alchemist.


I leave myself behind this fragile reality,

Stepping beyond the screen, a world with more gravity.


Who am I today? That’s a question of fleeting fancy.

A means of avoiding pain in favor of fantasy.


Until my escape is brought down, by calamitous rout,

Lightning cracks and thunder shouts, the power just went out.

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