Fiction 2012 / Volume 42

In The People’s Art Museum — M. Kaat Toy

I become more incoherent as each day I am less understood. I say so little I have nothing left to say. Words flutter from my life like trapped birds frantic to escape, a blur of good intentions poised in flight, Cassandra scrawls in her notebook. Then she stops, afraid she is headed nowhere, where the Mad … Continue reading

Fiction 2012

I Wish I Could Say I Loved You — Shelly King

They were not lovers. Kenny made a point of explaining that to the hospice staff. Charles was always particular about their relationship being properly understood. Kenny was his roommate, his grocery-shopper, his prescription-fetcher, his bathroom-cleaner, and, in the backside of their forties, his comrade in Male Menopause. In the AIDS support group where they had … Continue reading