Poetry 2012 / Volume 43

Feed the Need — Matthew Laffrade

Feed the need lie some more and build
Lies upon lies upon lies become tangled
Thoughts astray become unglued in
Wallow of emptiness a hopeless romantic
A fiend feed the need more & more &
Exponential growth of nothingness
I love and long for the nothing of the soul
Crushing fleeting feelings of lost nights
And cold mornings huddled crudely on
Dirty bathroom floors hands and feet
Caked in welcome dirt of my choosing
And feeling nothing more than more &
More I must feed the need until it’s all
Gone I am gone a hollow silhouette of
The man I once was if this soulless dirtbag
Could ever claim to be one so I hit the
Dawn dewy streets in search of another
And I find it find you in concealed corners
Dim lamp messiahs of urban desert oasis
Tenement dreamscapes in stairwell syringes
Sidewalk shuffle foot friction grounding
Me to the earth of my being the soil
Moist with tears of longing of my body
To feed the need feed the need

One thought on “Feed the Need — Matthew Laffrade

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