Featured / Poetry 2013 / Volume 44

Publication Release of Poetry, Volume 44, Issue 1

With January 1st right around the corner, it seemed wrong to not post about our successful publication release earlier this month. The Coe Review took over the PUB on campus for our release. We had food catered by Sodexo, coffee galore, and a fair amount of students and staff who came out to see our newest issue. After about an hour of chit-chat and relaxing (finals were just around the corner), and a brief introduction about the issue, we had a reading. What was special about this poetry issue was that we had some great poems by Coe students and we were even able to feature our two senior poets, Ariana and Sioned (both who work on our staff).

We’ve included a gallery of photos below from our event. A very special thank you to our photographer, Haley, for her great work at these events. And make sure to check out our staff page for our newest staff photo! And don’t worry if you haven’t nabbed our newest issue yet, our online version should be out soon.

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