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Blog Post / Spring 2020

Mulberry Child by Jian Ping: An Analysis of Identity in Memoir By: Ellora Bultema

After reading Mulberry Child by Jian Ping I was reminded of Night by Elie Wiesel through the broad message it was sending. Both are marketed as memoirs, so they are rooted in truth in some regard, and both have subjects that face impossible inhumane events in their lives and overcome them. I think Jian Ping’s … Continue reading

Blog Post / Spring 2020

Idiots Making Science By: Gable Meade 

CHARACTERS DR. LIZ VICIOUS: CEO of Machinations, Inc. Eccentric, evil, and just a tiny little bit unhinged. Pronounces “evil” incorrectly. BEN THE INTERN: Machinations, Inc.’s newest employee. Fresh out of college with a BA in English, just looking for something to pay the bills. YEETBOT: DR. VICIOUS’s trusty robotic assistant. Its main job is to … Continue reading

Fall 2019 / Poetry 2019 / Volume 50

Ode to the Telephone Booth By: John Repp

I’d driven fifteen hours, things broken back there   or refusing to break—not the things with which I’d stocked the converted carport where I fried rice & cooked coffee,    no—things: Love, Work, Money, Innocence (that stubborn  fucker most of all). I was home again, nowhere to stay,  mother dead, father somewhere, brother north, sister … Continue reading