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The Color Orange(while I am on drugs)—Katie Rejsek

I am scooping dreamsicle icicles Looking at the orange cup in my right-side-sink Down at the red nightshirt Orange-red.   My skin saturated 100 Bursting citrus smack Luminating into birth with a sneeze, I am a matchstick. Patient for a candle, a floor, smoldering house, burning block, engulfed city. Until I am a star snacking … Continue reading

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Rehearsal—Lauren Bender

You’re the blur of boundary between pot and plant. You are a madness that moves, too motherish. Taken down into the basement where the music is, where the colorful crystals are. You careful-like lift out containers of take-out, I scratch myself on purpose by accident. The TV crackles and smokes and burns the powder. Someone, … Continue reading